Special Man Solution 2023 Bootcamp Experience

Special Man Solution 2023 Bootcamp Experience

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I am Dahud Yusuf, a front-end developer and an instructor. I have a lot of expertise in making user-friendly interfaces that are user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and effective. I am knowledgeable with the most recent technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, and React, and I am always working/learning to broaden my knowledge.

I belong to a community on WhatsApp called “Coder’s Den Cohort,” and its effect has been positively significant in my growth as a developer. With the support of its outstanding tutors, the community aids in the introduction and mastery of the JavaScript programming language amongst learners. The organizers also share various jobs, internships, and other opportunities that might help their members. I strongly advise that you join the group if you want to comprehend JavaScript like A-B-C.

Like every regular day, one of the members of the Coder’s Den Cohort sends a link to an internship offer (Special Man Global Solution Internship Program 2023). I clicked the link and carefully read through the requirements for the application. I saw that I was eligible to apply, so I went straight to it. I filled out the application and attached my resume as required. My application was accepted. After this, I took a passion test as part of the application process, in which I responded to some hypothetical questions that reflected my ideals. Stage 1 of the internship application process included this passion test.

Selection stage

After a few weeks, I got a letter from Special Man Solution congratulating me on passing the initial round of the internship application process.

Bootcamp stage

The next level of the application procedure was the Bootcamp stage, which lasted 4 weeks. Prior to this, I received useful materials from the organizers via email to get me ready for the Bootcamp stage.

This is the second stage of the Special Man Solution Internship Program 2023

The Bootcamp began on February 22 and lasted for a four-week stretch. Each participant gets access to the Learning Management System (LMS), where materials and assignments are posted and managed.

We participated in an onboarding meeting with the front-end development track facilitator. The facilitator briefed us on the company's history and provided details on the 4-week Bootcamp schedule. The major goal of the Bootcamp stage is to provide us with the foundational training we need to get started on our chosen career path.

The following summarizes the topics that were covered in the facilitator's onboarding session:

The organization offers the following as well:

The instructor walks us through the weekly emphasis over the course of the entire Bootcamp and responds to any questions we may have. As part of the eligibility requirements for the internship selection process, attendance at the live session was mandatory.

For us to ask questions and communicate with others on our career paths, a Discord channel was established. Each task has a specific due date and time, and each one is graded by our facilitator every week.

Let me walk you through my 4-week Bootcamp experience.

Week 1

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript lessons made up the first week's materials. It was clear that I needed to understand every concept and be able to use them in building projects.

The goal was (and still is) to become proficient in utilizing Javascript, CSS, and HTML to design websites that are both visually appealing and useful.

An assignment for the week was provided at the conclusion of the tutorial. These are the specific details:

Here is a link to the design layout, as well as a link to the GitHub repo. I completed and turned it in before the deadline.

The live URL hosted on Vercel

Challenges encouraged

Week 1 was not difficult for me because I already possessed the necessary skills. I only used it to jog my recollection.

Week 2:

Our facilitator led a live session to start off Week 2. He inquired about the project from the first week, and each student got the chance to discuss their thoughts. He described the goal and walked through the tasks for the new week.

The goal was to become proficient in using Vue JS to create collaboratively dynamic, scalable, and effective online applications.

Week 2 live session.

As this was going to be my first time using Vue.js, this was where the true journey began for me. While I hadn't previously used it to create a project, I was able to gain a thorough understanding of Vue.js and utilize it to create projects with the aid of the tools offered.

This was the task for week 2:

Here’s the link to the GitHub repo, and the link to the live URL hosted on Vercel

Challenges encouraged

The installation of Vue CLI and other plugins was one of the difficulties I faced in week 2. It wasn't simple for me at first, but I went in search of additional resources to help me understand better. I found one that had a solution to the difficulty I faced and also received some help from the Discord community.

Week 3:

I was anxious about the task that would be given because it had started getting more tense as we went further into the journey, even before the start of the third week.

The third live class with the instructor was held, and as usual, he inquired about the results of the most recent assignment, giving us the chance to discuss any issues we faced, which several students jumped on. He praised our progress before outlining the goals for the third week; tailwind CSS and Vue JavaScript.

The goal of week three was to become proficient in utilizing Tailwind CSS to design user interfaces for online apps that load quickly, respond to user input, and are highly adaptable.

The assignment guidelines were as follows:

We were also given the assignment's prototype, which we are to develop using Tailwind CSS and Vue.js.

As usual, I turned it in before the due date.

The GitHub repo link and the live URL hosted on Vercel

Challenges encouraged

Week 3 was not difficult for me because I already possessed the necessary skills. I only used it to jog my recollection.

Week 4:

The Bootcamp's fourth and final live session was held. Similar routines of checking on our progress and taking time to correct, realign and constructively criticize us were also carried out. gave us an explanation of the assignment for the final week.

The goal was to become proficient with Postman, Axios, and API integration.

I implemented API to the previous Tailwind project and submitted the assignment for grading.


The mentor was always available and willing to help, and during the Bootcamp, the community members were eager to help anyone who needed guidance with any of the assignments assigned. He spurred us on to use more than what was provided by the community. Throughout the day and night, he also provided his complete support. I truly appreciate every single person who helped me in any way because they contributed to how enlightening, eventful, and seamless my journey was. In addition, I met several new local buddies.

We can recall that I found the lead to this great opportunity in the WhatsApp group of the community that I belong to. I strongly believe that being among people with similar interests and goals helps filter out the noise and renders useful information that can aid one’s growth. For this reason, I strongly recommend that every person working in the tech industry finds a community to join. The strength of the community is quite valuable.

Lessons learnt

The "Special Man Solution" Bootcamp exposed me to several technologies that front-end developers utilize. My knowledge of front-end technologies before the Bootcamp consisted of HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, and React JS. Nevertheless, the Bootcamp introduced me to a wide range of additional front-end technologies, like Vue JS, integrating APIs, Axions, and Postman. Now that I am skilled in these technologies, I would confidently apply my knowledge to any project and be sure of the outcome as long as I put in the work. I socialized with a few of the Bootcamp participants as well—a select group of incredible men!

Now, what is left is the final internship selection procedure for the Special Man Solution Internship Program 2023, and my hope is to succeed in it.

I will be back to share the story here again so you see how it goes.

Again, my advice to newcomers who have just begun a career in technology is to join a community centred around their stack, be an active participant, and contribute to the development of the community. It truly makes a lot of difference.