My TIIDELab PreFellowship Experience

My TIIDELab PreFellowship Experience

I am Dahud Yusuf and I’ll love to walk you through my recent experience.

I have been anticipating the Tiidelab Prefellowship program after the last cohort in 2021. Just a few weeks later, I saw the post of the cohort 4.0 prefellowship on Tiidelab’s Twitter page and Mr Shamdex’s status. I was ecstatic about the news and I immediately retweeted it so other people view the same news. As I applied, my expectations were high regarding learning and working on projects with diverse individuals from different parts of Nigeria. It’s week 6 and the final week of the prefellowship already, I must say Tiidelab has been all shades of amazing! I have met with great minds so far. The coordinator and mentors are very skilled, adept in their craft, and excellent with their lectures, mentoring and general organization.

During the six-week of the prefellowship program, I learnt a lot of new skills from the coordinator and mentors. I learnt the basics of HTML, CSS, Netlify and how to use open-source version control software such Git- which allows me to connect with other developers. I also learned communication, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills because coding is just 40% while the remaining are 60% of what we need as a developer.

With the skills amassed during the prefellowship, I was able to design my personal portfolio using HTML and CSS which represent my performance, skills as well as strengths and weaknesses. I then pushed it to Github using Git and hosted it on Netlify.

yusuf's portfolio.png The front page of my portfolio

At the end of week 4, we were grouped to work on different projects. At first, it was really challenging to work on projects, but later on, I found out that it's a great way to learn the languages and it allows us to practice and adapt to the materials provided. I and my team members have been working together on our front-end final project and I must say, the experience is awesome and worth all the time. I hope it continues this way till the end of our prefellowship and beyond. Our project is based on Tourist website and the name is TiideXplore. I designed the Tourist activities suggestion.

tourist pg1.png Frontpage of the tourist activities suggestion

tourist pg2.png

Projects do not come with ease but I must confess, my team members are the best, they made the job easier and are also willing to assist me in any area I find difficult. To people like Mr Gbenga, Hamzat, Bernard, Sardius, Raymond and many others, I am glad I met you guys at Tiidelab, all I can say is that the future is auspicious.

I also performed excellently in the fifth week of the prefellowship program and I was featured on Tiidelab's social page.

3rd copy.png

The first task that was given to us at the beginning of the prefellowship was to directly message fellow participants and find out the following about him/her. a) Name and a bit about the person b) Programming experience c) Preferred learning methods d) Expectation from the prefellowship. I directly messaged some fellows, this is the point I started creating my own connections. The first friend I made was Jemilat Rotimi, a final year student of biology education at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. We assisted each other during some of the assignments. Other participants that I met include; Amusa, Hamzat Temitope, Sardius, Mr Gbenga and Bernab. I appreciate you guys for your kindness. May God bless you all. A special thanks to our coordinator Mr Shamsudeen Aderoju and to my mentor @Unclebigbay for their guidance and persistent help.

I appreciate all the effort that Tiidelab has put out for us and I wish all the mentors and team all the best. Thank you Tiidelab.